Love Is Love Is Love

Acrylic Paint
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This image shows the artist's submission.  Photos of the final artwork will be posted when the artist has finished installing their work.

About This Installation

Love Is Love Is Love honors the diversity and community pride of the Lansing region and connects the viewer to these emotions through the power of art.

Jessica and Zach’s inspiration for the project is their mutual love of Lansing. Jessica grew up one mile from the Capital on the city’s west side. Zach grew up in the suburbs of Lansing, spending large amounts of time with his grandmother, Emily Ziff Trumbull, in downtown Lansing where she lived.

Emily Ziff Trumbull, an elementary school teacher, taught in Lansing’s public schools for 43 years (Main Street, Grand River, Vivian Riddle, and Harley Franks elementary schools) inspiring thousands of students throughout her career. She instilled in both her daughter and grandson a
strong pride in the city. This mural is dedicated to her.

The title comes from playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 2016 Tony Award acceptance speech calling for acceptance and tolerance in the face of hatred.

“Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love
cannot be killed or swept aside…
Now fill the world with music, love, and pride.”
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Under the 496 Bridge - Wall

This long wall under the 496 Bridge is home to a number of murals from ArtPath's history


About The Artist

Jessica & Zach Kovan
, MI

A mother & son team, Jessica and Zach, have been creating art together for decades (or all of Zach’s life). Both accomplished artists on their own, their collaborative pieces are known for their love and nature-based themes. What makes them a unique team is the different voices they bring to their art. Zach is whimsical, focused on faces and people, and imaginative. Jessica’s work is conceptual, storytelling, and activism based. Their admiration for each other brings a glow and spark to their mutual work.

Jessica is a full-time mixed media artist and educator. Zach experiments with everything from graphic design to tattooing to mixed media to performance art and murals. Both Jessica and Zach have strong interests and formal education in the field of Education. Their interest in promoting a sense of community collaboration with Love Is Love Is Love stems from their work as artists and educators.

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